A message from Chef, Deborah Moss

Even from an early age I was interested in cooking, I remember wonderful weekends with my Grandma and Grandad Roué. Grandad was of French descent; perhaps this was why I ended up in France having arrived some 22 years ago with no desire to ever leave! Grandma taught me how to make the most delicious scones, cheese were certainly my favourite!  Grandma’s pastry is the best and I always use her recipe although I doubt if it will ever be as perfect as hers, cold hands is the secret apparently.

My late Grandfather made the most incredible Christmas puddings and took great pride in distributing them around the whole family. I still use his recipe today along with Grandma’s Christmas cake recipe, Truly Scrumptious!  My Mum is also a great cook and I learned a lot from her. Mums cake decorating skills are amazing and when I was 14 she taught me how to ice and decorate a Christmas cake (Grandma’s recipe of course) in the most impressive way and I won a competition at school, that was it I was hooked!

When I finished school I went to work at a hotel in a small coastal village In a popular part of Wales. The proprietors John D’Arcy and Sylvia Graham saw my flair and potential and trained me to be a chef in their hotel.  I had a desire to travel and further my cooking knowledge so with their blessing I took some time out to do just that.  On my return they welcomed me back and I became the chef for their cellar wine bar. I will never forget them giving me my first break.

After a year or so I got itchy feet for travel and after talking to a dear friend, Jim Billingham, who was an ex captain on luxury yachts in the South of France, arranged for me to a join a yacht as chef with Captain Graham St George.
I have worked with Graham on and off for many years on different yachts and we have become great friends. I have also worked for several other Captains and in villas for the rich and famous. I have studied many different cuisines and have worked for and alongside numerous different nationalities.

I now live in a small village in the Var a beautiful part of France, on the border of Provence and the Cote d’Azur with my husband Mike, 2 dogs and a horse.

I have a great passion for food and delight in the thought that people may think that my cuisine is TRULY SCRUMPTIOUS !



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